i have been a customer of Sumners Heating and Air since 1995. Roy has been totally honest, prompt and fair in pricing for his work. His employees have always been courteous and do excellent work. I will use no one else for my heating and air conditioning needs and would rate this company “EXCELLENT”.

Tim Powell

We have used Sumners Heating and Air for over 15 years now. Without a doubt, we think they are the BEST company in the business. Honest, dependable, great service. As for a recommendation, they get the highest marks in all areas!

David and D’Ann Bohrnstedt

About a year and a half ago our downstairs air conditioner stopped putting out cold air. I called your typical “go-to” air conditioning and heating companies to take a look along with a couple of local guys. Sears, Home Depot and Lowes all sent out guys that told me my system was fried and the only way to go was to replace both units outside along with my central air conditioning unit in the attic. This of course was going to be a major improvement to my 10 year old unit but I just didn’t feel like it was necessary. The two local guys came out and spent a couple of hours each going through the outside unit and central air in the attic, both came back with recommendations to replace the outside unit. i thought that this was a more reasonable approach but the units they were pushing seemed a little expensive based on my online research. None of them ever told me specifically what was wrong with the unit, I didn’t even notice this until after I met Roy. In all I had 5 estimates before one of my wife’s friends mentioned Sumners Heating and Air, Roy had worked on her parents’ place for “years” and recommended him to all their friends.

When Roy showed up he did the most amazing thing. He had that outside unit working and pushing cold air downstairs within 45 minutes. Roy is a straight shooter, he said that the jerry-rig was going to work but he didn’t know for how long and he laid out the cost for the equipment needed to keep the old unit working. Then he gave me an alternative which was a least expensive estimate I received for a comparable unit. After he game all the information and answered my questions he let me make my own decision. This is the way business should be conducted.

Recently, I asked Sumners Heating and Air come out to take a look at our upstairs unit because the air didn’t seem to be coming out as cold as it should. Sure enough, there was a freon leak which caused the coils to freeze and block the cold air (at least that’s the way I understood it.) Roy fixed the problem, added some Freon, then he took a look at the unit he put in last year to make sure everything was ok. I honestly feel lucky to have him in our list of contacts. I’m confident you will too.

One last thing, I learned a valuable lesson as a home owner from my experience with Sumners Heating and Air. Regardless if its heating, plumbing or garage door openers, if someone comes out to give you an estimate on something that has stopped working but they are not going to do the work themselves or can’t demonstrate/explain exactly what the problem is, I would continue to shop around.

Mike Schaefer
Plano, Texas

As a contractor myself I understood the importance of quality work done at a fair price and most importantly done when you need it. On more than one occasion I have called Sumners Heating and Air to repair and even replace my air conditioning system and they have responded wonderfully. They are the only contractor I use for my heating and air conditioning needs and I highly recommend them to others.

Mike Pounds
Fire-Tech Protection Systems

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