New Construction HVAC

New construction HVAC is all about designing, deadlines and high quality materials. We can aid in all three departments because we have over 30 years of experience, a well-stocked warehouse as well as partnerships with a number of vendors to serve you and your time needs effectively.

We have a team of experienced installers who can start projects from the group up or who can finish up projects for you in a timely manner. When we arrive on the job, we have on-site supervisors to ensure our workers are doing what they should be doing on a daily basis. Our NATE certified technicians understand building codes, too, to ensure that you are getting quality workers on your construction site.

At Sumners Heating & Air, we are capable of the plan/spec aspect of new construction, designing build projects as well as reading current plans and providing assistance wherever it is needed. We focus on safety as a primary to ensure that all workers are working responsibly to avoid workplace accidents.

With a sheet metal shop on property, it is possible for us to cut, bend and fabricate all types of sheet metal. Our professionals are capable of making vents, ductwork, cabinets and various other types of sheet metal for the different projects you are working on. We can also install the sheet metal within the job site.

Should you need to keep your crews going in all conditions, we rent A/C and heating equipment as well. This can provide comfort to your crews when the effects of nature aren’t working for you.

We cover all aspects of new construction when it comes to new construction. From sheet metal to ductwork and choosing the best HVAC unit, we have the experience and the industry connections to assist you to ensure that you have quality materials, skilled technicians and meet all of your deadlines.

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