Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating

From small businesses to large businesses, we handle all of the commercial air conditioning and heating services that your business needs to be up and running in a comfortable atmosphere. With the ability to handle new installation, duct cleaning and repairs, we can handle anything. We even have a full sheet metal shop on premises, too.

We offer commercial service contracts to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere year-round. Should your AC or heat go out at some point during the year, we will be there before that actually happens. The contracts will send out a technician to your business to check on the health of your HVAC unit periodically through the year. This is done to ensure your heat or air doesn’t go out – and will catch problems before they become problematic.

Indoor air quality is important, particularly within some industries. We offer a number of filtration systems that will reduce the quantity and size of particulates based upon your specifications. So whether you’re operating a cleanroom, a hospital or just want the best air quality possible, Sumners Heating & Air can help you with your HVAC system.

When you need sheet metal cut for a particular vents, ductwork, cabinetry or anything else, we have skilled professionals that can provide you with the necessary sheet metal for the project. This includes metal bending and fabrication.

If your electric bill has been high, it may have something to do with the efficiency of your ducts. We offer duct cleaning of all air outlets as well as return air vents. This ensures the air circulates through easier and more effectively, providing you with cleaner air and a lower electric bill.

We rent AC and heating equipment for your needs should you need a temporary solution throughout the year.

Whatever you need in regards to HVAC services, we are here to provide. Sumners Heating & Air is a factory authorized dealer to provide you with new installation. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can also repair all makes and models.

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