Indoor Air Quality

It’s easy to take the air in your building for granted until an issue arises that draws attention to it. Acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) is much more than providing a prescribed volume of outdoor air per person. Today’s building owner are concerned about maintaining and documenting IAQ, not only to avoid problems with condensate, building sickness, or noise issues, but to provide a clean and healthy working environment in the building.

Trane believes that good HVAC system selection and design, specification of equipment and furnishings, along with proper building operation and maintenance are the foundations of high quality indoor air.

Temperature, humidity, particulate count, fresh air volume and circulation, odors are all variables of IAQ that Trane can monitor and control for your specific building’s purpose, whether your building is a community elementary school, 5-star resort, family restaurant or children’s hospital.

Any of these criteria require effective management both at the equipment and the building control levels, and Trane has a range of approaches. Air handler selection has a direct impact on air cleanliness, the health of the people in the building, and insuring proper air movement. High quality sensors and controls are the nerve center of a good air handling system. They provide timely, accurate feedback, allow consistent monitoring of performance and facilitating service.

For example, Trane’s patented Traq™ dampers with airflow monitoring stations can be coupled with a Tracer™ building management system to monitor, control and document ventilation airflow in compliance with ASHRAE 62 standard requirements. Integration with the chiller plant assures the precise amount of chilled water at exactly the right temperature. In these and many other ways, the Trane’s Integrated Comfort™ Systems (ICS) concept facilitates building environmental quality and simplifies the task of system management and service.

Trane has the expertise to ensure that all essential aspects of your system support your IAQ requirements and help your building fulfill its purpose, however specialized it may be.

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