Things to keep in mind during Summer

Clean Air Conditioning for Summer Time

Summer heat is fast approaching better to be ready for this change of season. Maintaining our home to
be always cool from the heat of the sun is a big responsibility especially this summer you can acquire a
lot of illness from the hot environment and uncomfortable feeling due to the warm weather. Here are
some ideas that you can use to help you this summer.

• When you’re at home wearing something comfortable clothes like made of cotton or light
fabrics that can make you feel cool from the weather outside. You can wear shorts or sleeves
less for the day and thin fabrics clothes during the night time.

• Taking a bath everyday and during night time is good and hygienic idea to relieve the feeling of
warm temperature it also reduce body odor from the sweat you get from the hot temperature

• Always keep your body hydrated drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day is a great help. Or you can
sip some juices from fruits to make you feel refresh for the day. Stock it on your refrigerators.

• Provide your windows a transparent curtain, coverings or blinds it can help the surroundings
cool, dark color coverings on your window can add warm feeling.

Clean your air conditioning once a month to ensure the cooling effect is efficient. Dust and other
air pollutant can cause a hindrance to air condition not to maintain its coldness. If you can’t do
it by your own you can look for a service contractor to help maintain your air conditions every
month they will change the air filters for you if there’s a need to change. You can also ask the
technicians to check the parts of the air condition to avoid failure and problems in the long run.
It can help cut the cost and energy consumptions of your air conditions. It can also save energy if
the air conditions are always clean and the filters are in good condition.

• Avoid opening your doors and windows always it can also make you feel bad about the weather
air from outside can easily get in and it can bring pollution and hot temperature which can make
your day ruined.

• Set air conditionings to a level that will help you feel better and comfortable during day.

• You can plant trees on outdoor areas it can ensure you to keep your outside surroundings cool
by giving off shades on your house not to be easily directed to sunlight. It gives also a cool air to

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